The more art it shatters, the more it shines: Rajpal Yadav


In the recent release 'Hungama 2', actor Rajpal Yadav was seen doing comedy in his familiar style. It is the sequel of 'Hungama' released in the year 2003. Rajpal, who was also a part of the original film, shared his feelings. Regarding the 'Hungama' series, Rajpal says, 'Director Priyan (Priyadarshan) Ji has a ruckus in both these films. He is considered to be the master of the comedy of error. In all the regional or Hindi films he has made, he has added humor in a realistic style to suit different situations. The story and characters of the original film 'Hungama' were well received by the audience. 'Hungama 2' is a completely different and new story, it has some old actors and some new ones. So the whole film is a gathering of new and old actors.

Sharing the memories related to the original film 'Hungama' on the very first day, Rajpal says, 'There was a three-dimensional ruckus in my life with 'Hungama', this film I will remember for life. My first meeting with Priyan Ji was during the shooting of an advertisement. In that, I worked with Amitabh Bachchan Sahab. After that Priyan Ji called me for 'Hungama'. When I reached the sets in Chennai for the shoot, I came to know that the climax scene is being shot. Priyan Ji first tore my shirt. After that, the climax scene was shot. After the film was ready, when we saw that scene, we came to know what was the importance of tearing clothes in that scene. From that day onwards we both had amazing chemistry and we worked together on many films.

Filmcity in other cities

Along with acting, Rajpal has been demanding film cities in the cities of Uttar Pradesh including Pilibhit for a long time. He says, 'I can tell it with the example of cricket. Earlier cricket was a game of four or five cities. Gradually it reached small towns and now with IPL, it has reached every household. Similarly, the more art it disintegrates, the more it shines. Proper (systematic) cinema is made in our country in about 14 languages. It is my endeavor that along with English and Hindi, regional cinema should also be made on such a large scale that lakhs of people will get employment from it. The reach of cinema from the OTT platform has also increased significantly at the regional level. Mumbai Film City will be the first and last film city of my life because it has given me recognition all over the world. If Filmcity is developed in other parts of the country also, it will be better for cinema. My only effort is to open more and more film cities in the country. Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad is a witness to the fact that the more film cities there are, the more people will earn their livelihood.

Try to balance

Apart from doing supporting roles in films like 'Hungama 2' and 'Bhool Bhulaiya 2', Rajpal is also in the lead role in upcoming films 'Father On Sale' and 'The Crazy King'. In this regard, he says, 'I started with mixed characters. First started with supporting and negative characters, then played the lead role in not one or two but about 15-16 films like 'Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh', 'Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama'. Comedy also continued with him, but due to more commercials, comedy films become more popular. However, I try to play both types of characters like in IPL and Test matches.