The 'Janata Darbar' was held again at Sonu Sood's house, the actor said this after hearing the problems of the people


Apart from this, Sonu Sood is also in discussion due to one of his special videos. He shared a video on social media on Wednesday, in which he revealed that he has now opened his new supermarket. The name of this supermarket is 'Sonu Sood's Supermarket'. In this video, he says, 'Who says malls are closed. We have the most important and expensive supermarket ready here. See this is everything I have an egg which is currently priced at Rs.6. After that there is bread, big bread is Rs 40 and small bread is Rs 22.

Sonu Sood further says in this video, 'Whoever wants, order it quickly, my delivery time is over. And yes, there will be an extra charge for home delivery.' This video of Sonu Sood is becoming very viral on social media. Sharing this video on social media, the actor wrote in the caption 'Free home delivery 10 eggs per 1 bread free'. This style of Sonu Sood is being liked by his fans very much.