The image of Sushant Singh Rajput from the NCB investigation now degradation, Attempts to make poster boy in the Bihar election now not difficult


Till now, no information has been issued by the CBI about the investigation into the suspicious death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, his acquaintances are becoming restless. On the other hand, the entry of the Narcotics Control Bureau in this case has also dented the efforts of the Bharatiya Janata Party to make Sushant the poster boy of Bihar elections. Sushant's image has suffered the most due to the manner in which the people of the film world have spoken about drug addiction during parties and shooting. Meanwhile, people are also nervous due to allegations that an investigating agency official is deliberately trying to implicate the people of the film industry.

There is an atmosphere of fear in the Hindi film world at this time. People who had been demanding to open a movie theater for a long time were about to hold a press conference on Monday morning. It was evident that preparation was made to criticize the policies of the government and even after everything was opened in the country, the matter of not opening the theater was to be told to journalists. But, on one occasion, the courage to confront the government of the veterans joining it was answered and this press conference was canceled.

The same atmosphere is seen in all the other production houses of the Hindi cinema. People of Dharmatics, a subsidiary of Karan Johar's company Dharma Productions, are reluctant to even talk about it. In fact, Kshitij Prasad, a former employee of Dharma Productions arrested in this case, is quite sensational of the allegations made against NCB during the hearing of his bail plea. According to Kshitij Prasad's lawyer Satish Maneshinde, an NCB officer mentally tortured Kshitij to name Karan Johar in the case. Apart from Karan Johar, some other names have been mentioned by Kshitij whose pressure was made on him to talk about his involvement in the drug business.

Kshitij Prasad has worked for Dharma Productions. In the Hindi film world, directors, executive producers, etc. vary from film to film and they are contract workers rather than employees of a production company. The NCB is not aware of the working of the film world by these things. There is also a stir in the Hindi film industry about the fact that the brand value of celebrities is falling in the market due to making the information for calling for questioning public, and even after being proved innocent, these brand value will come back to the old level or No, no one can say.

The case of holding Kshitij Prasad in the NCB office without arrest unofficially has also come up during the hearing of his bail plea. The biggest loss in this entire development has been the image of Sushant Singh Rajput, a visionary and astronomer. So far, it is coming out from the statements that he used to take his heroines to the deserted farmhouse with him and party fiercely there. In the NCB investigation also these things have been officially recorded that Sushant used to consume narcotics during shooting and at parties. The Central Government has handed over the investigation of Sushant's death to the CBI and till now the CBI has neither held a press conference nor the Enforcement Directorate has said anything about the investigation of the Rs 15 crore scam. .