The girl who hitting Gulati by wearing a sari, whose video is going viral


Social media has become a platform where people go viral very fast if they do anything unique or very different things. This concept has been popular for the past several years. Recently a girl is doing challenging things like a backflip in a saree and its video is also becoming very viral on social media.

Actually, the girl we are talking about is Parul Arora. 24-year-old Indian gymnast Parul Arora hails from Ambala and has been training in gymnastics for the past 15 years. Parul's gymnastics videos on Instagram usually feature five to ten thousand likes, but when she performs these stunts in a sari, the number reaches into the millions.

Talking with Vice India, Parul Arora had said that 'people, especially women, love videos with stunts in sarees. Because these women know that it is also very difficult to do basic movements in sarees. Somewhere such a video inspires these women. It is challenging to do things like a backflip in a sari or do a cartwheel and with these stunts, I want to motivate people. '

A video of Parul Arora went viral in which she was seen doing a triple backflip. Let us know that Parul is the National Level Gold Medal winner. Earlier, in August 2020, a video of her went viral, in which she was seen doing gymnastics with a friend wearing a sari. Parul said that she has fallen three times while performing these stunts and it is difficult to do these stunts, especially in sarees.

Government videos received by the 17-year-old International Gold Medalist from October 2020 are also trending high. She also often performs stunts in many outfits, but stunts in her sari are quite popular. Apart from this, since September last year, a woman named Ishna Kutty is also wearing a sari and performing stunts like Hula Hoop and Backflip and her videos are also becoming quite viral.