The famous male fashion designer of Bollywood who got gender changed to become a woman


Bollywood's famous fashion designer Swapnil Shinde has now become Sayasha Shinde. He not only changed his name but also his entire personality. Earlier he was a male, now he has become a woman. He has got his gender change or sex change and declared himself to be a transwoman. Sasha Shinde says that it was not easy for her to take this step, she was living a double life. She says, "I couldn't figure out who I was, woman or man. I was very upset, but in this lockdown, I realized who I am after all."

Friends and family will take time

Fashion designer Swapnil Shinde is known for the fashion designing of many actresses such as Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Shraddha Kapoor, and Sunny Leone. He told the world about his new identity and name in a passionate post on his Instagram account a few days ago. In a special conversation with BBC Hindi, he said, "I am now a transwoman, but to tell the truth, I still do not believe that I have become Sasha Shinde now. People are not used to this name of mine. I myself have time.

Will apply. Family and friends have been calling me dreamers for so many years. So when someone calls me Sasha, I do not pay attention to that. I forget that I am Sasha. People will take time to adopt this new identity. To be honest, I am very happy right now. "

'At first, I thought I was gay'

Saysha Shinde, 39, says, "6 years ago I came to know that I have general identity dysphoria. Before that, I had many questions in my mind. I was able to do something secretly, which I could not tell outside. Was able to

"I didn't think of it in childhood. I didn't even know what to say. We couldn't even talk about it with family. When I grew up, I got acquainted with gay men. I felt that I am gay but later on I understand that I am not gay and then I am determined to bring what I am now to the world, that too without fear. " Recalling her childhood, Shinde says, "My childhood was very sad and bad, especially my school life, people tease, that too of different levels. The worst for me from the age of 5 to the age of 17." Stayed."

Haste can be dangerous

Is this kind of change easy with your body? Shinde says that it takes a lot of hard work. She says, "My length is 6.2 feet. Earlier I used to have a beard, it was muscular. The face that is made today and what will come next, there is a lot of hard work behind it. You have to be very patient. The medicine that goes into your body, Every little thing should also be under the supervision of experienced doctors. Anybody wants to make changes in themselves, they should do it in the right way, don't rush anything, it can be dangerous. "

Now I wear designer clothes I make

After coming to the world with a new name and a new face, what kind of reaction is getting from the entertainment and fashion world. To this, Saisha says, "I am getting a lot of love and support. I think my work will improve further because my thinking is changing. Earlier my clothes were for women and dreamers, but now these clothes are for women, and Saisha Will be made for me. Now when I go out wearing my clothes myself, I have started getting a better understanding of what comfortable clothes women want. "