The effect of The Family Man 2 on CBSE too, in the style of Shrikant Tiwari and Chellam Sir, advised to the students


Manoj Bajpayee's spy thriller web series The Family Man 2 was released last month on Amazon Prime Video. Manoj Bajpayee, who played the character of Shrikant Tiwari in the series, called this success historic. The fame of The Family Man 2 also appeared on social media and a lot of memes were made about it. Especially, Chellam sir, on whom many memes were made on social media. Now CBSE has advised parents waiting for their results to be patient in the style of Chellam Sir.

CBSE has shared a meme, in which Shrikant Tiwari asks Chellam sir over the phone – Sir, when will the CBSE result of Atharva come. I am very worried. From there, Chellam sir says - Mr, don't be a minimum parent. Be optimistic Will come soon CBSE has also tagged Manoj Bajpayee in this meme. Many users have also made funny comments on this meme.

Mumbai Police also made memes about Chellam sir. Let me tell you, in the series, Chellam Sir is shown as a former officer of the Intelligence Service. Whenever Srikant Tiwari wanted any information, he used to call Chellam sir and Chellam sir had a solution to every problem. This character is played by Uday Mahesh in the series. Apart from Chellam sir, another character who became very popular was that of Srikant Tiwari's corporate boss.

At the beginning of season 2, it was shown that Shrikant Tiwari has left the job of TASC and is doing a private job in a company, where a person many years younger than him is his boss and he gives advice to Shrikant on the matter- Don't be a minimum guy...

The second season of The Family Man was released in June. Manoj Bajpayee was seen in the role of Shrikant Tiwari and Sharib Hashmi as his friend and colleague JK. This series has been created by Raj & DK. CBSE board exams results are about to come, due to which the anxiety of students and parents is increasing.