The dreaded villain of Bollywood, who did Misdeeds in 350 films, also got out of the Air Force in the love affair


The history of Indian cinema that began in the year 1913 has now deepened for more than a century. One of these places, which has had its special roots over the years, is the character of villainy. By the way, no one knows how many films have landed on screen and the audience has listened to many villains. But today we will talk about such a villain of Bollywood, whose entry used to make the audience cry.

Villains have emerged in Indian cinema, which proved that villainy is not just a negative character but an important part of the screenplay. You must have also seen many such pictures, in which the hero's role in front of the villain fades and the villain, despite being a villain, dominates the hearts and minds of people. One such villain was Ranjith, who got a record of villainy recorded in his name.

Ranjith's real name was Gopal Bedi, whom people fondly called Goli. People in the film industry also called him a bullet. The name Gopal Bedi was changed to appear only in films. Because there was no talk of films in that name. Amritsar-born Ranjeet has a long story behind how he came to Mumbai and the film industry. His father was a big businessman. He wanted his son to take over the business as well.

But Ranjit's fate was somewhat different. He secretly filled the form of the National Defense Academy and was also selected. The angry father gave up stubbornly thinking that the son would become a soldier. After this, Gopal Bedi started taking Air Force training. But during this time, he was arrested in the love of his trainer's daughter. He was thrown out of the army as soon as the case was revealed.

After this Gopal Bedi came to Delhi. After coming here, he saw two films of Dev Anand and both of us twenty times. It was from here that he started coming closer to films. Sunil Dutt helped him first in this. After this Gopal Bedi became Ranjith. Ranjith was such a villain who used to come on screen and the audience also used to pray for the hero's safety. Ranjith was a dangerous villain of Superhit Heroes in big movies. In his career, he played a tremendous role and made a different place for himself.

Ranjith was cast in 25 films by the same name as Ranjith. It is said that the makers of Gabbar's character also had a deep consideration for him. Ranjith got tremendous recognition from the film 'Sharmilee', in which Rakhi was the lead actress. However, there is an incident attached to it as well.

When Ranjith's family reached the hall to watch the film, seeing the scene of the rape of Rakhi in the picture, the fire raged with anger and left the hall at the same time. After this Ranjit got a good class. His family members said that you do so much profanity with girls in pictures, what will we show in society. His family was very angry about this. Later, the film's actress Rakhi had to convince her family members. He said that your son is very good with conduct in reality and he was just acting in the film.

Ranjith played a lot of characters in his journey from film to TV, but the dialogue 'Leave me for God' kept Ranjit's villainy alive for years. And shout! Nobody will listen to your scream here, 'I will leave such a good thing to God ... what will I do', 'We have not opened any religious account… When we give something, we take something in return ( Price) ',' Beauty Beauty Beauty… Beti Beti Beti (Housefull 2) 'These are among his famous dialogues.

Ranjith was the villain of Bollywood, on whom girls used to die. Because he had style, charm, and a tremendous personality. At the same time, he was equally ferocious in films. One special thing that hardly anyone will know is that there was a record of raping 350 people onscreen in his name.