Teacher's head beheaded in the name of religion in Paris, Bollywood stars expressed resentment


In Paris, the capital of France, a man beheaded his child's history teacher because he showed a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed to the children and discussed it. The attacker was later killed in police action. This incident is being condemned worldwide. Bollywood stars have criticized the incident as horrifying.

Swara Bhaskar tweeted, 'Horrible! How are people doing all this barbaric work by becoming demons? Nishbad and Hoon Remember that if you feel that your God wants to kill you in your name, then start it yourself. '

Expressing displeasure Kangana Ranaut wrote, 'A teacher was beheaded in Paris. We can only imagine what those invaders would have done to our people during the invasion, even in today's digital age they behave like demons, imagine what they would have done to India when they were nomads? '

Shruti Seth wrote, 'Why don't you let God take revenge on yourself. I think they can take their revenge themselves. Who gave you this right to take someone's life in the name of your God. I am tired of the terrorism spreading in the name of religion.

Four people were detained

The French counter-terrorism prosecutor has launched an investigation into the suspected terrorist motive behind the teacher's murder. The Office of the Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor Jean-François Ricard reported that four people have been detained, including a minor, hours after the incident.