Talking openly about marriage, Salman Khan said- I will marry that girl who ...


Bollywood Dabangg star Salman Khan is a celebrity who has always been questioned about marriage. Let me tell you that Salman Khan is 55 years old but he has not married yet, Fans have many times thought that Salman will marry, but the actor always gave up the chase saying that marriage seems like a waste of money.

In an interview to Talk to Filmfare magazine (1990), Salman Khan spoke openly on marriage. In this, he had told how he wants a girl in life and what kind of girl he is looking for. Salman Khan had said, "I want to marry a girl who is like me and I can give her things that she does not have at her parents' house."

This is when Salman Khan's name was associated with Sangeeta Bijlani and he used to talk openly about his relationship with Sangeeta.