Sushant Singh Rajput danced on 'Main Nara-e-Mastana', fans reached YouTube to search for the song as soon as Ankita shared the video


It was the first death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput just five days back. On this special occasion, Sushant's fans remembered him a lot. Many people shared many memories related to Sushant. Among these people, Sushant's ex-girlfriend and actress Ankita Lokhande also shared memories related to the actor. Ankita shared a video with Sushant. Which was of Diwali of the year 2011. Sushant and Ankita were dancing in this video. The song on which Sushant and Ankita were dancing in the video became the center of attraction for the fans of the actor.

After listening to this song in Ankita's video, everyone immediately reached to search this song on YouTube. In this video shared by Ankita Lokhande, Ankita and Sushant were dancing to the song 'Main Nara-e-Mastana'. The fans of Sushant liked this song so much that they searched this song fiercely on YouTube. Commenting on the song, he also told that after watching the video of Ankita, all of them have come searching for this song.

Fans commented on the video

While searching for this song of Abida Parveen on YouTube, many people have also commented on it. Many users have commented on this video that they have come looking for this video after watching Sushant's dance on this song. So many people have also praised Sushant's choice.

Which song is this

In the video shared by Ankita Lokhande, Ankita and Sushant are dancing to the song 'Main Nara-e-Mastana'. This song is by Pakistani Sufi singer Abida Parveen which was released in the year 2003. This song by Abida Parveen has almost five million views. This song was also on top of the list of favorite songs of Sushant Singh Rajput. Even when the actor's list of songs went viral, the song was well-liked and searched.

This was posted by Ankita

Let us inform you that Ankita Lokhande shared many old and unseen photos and videos in memory of the actor on the occasion of the first anniversary of Sushant Singh Rajput. One of which was also this video in which both were dancing. Ankita told in the post that this video is from Diwali of the year 2011. In the video, Sushant is having fun with Ankita. In this, Ankita was wearing a black suit. So there Sushant also appeared in black-colored kurta and pajamas. While sharing the video, Ankita wrote in caps, 'Now only these memories are left. You will always be remembered and your memories will make us happy. Diwali 2011.