Sushant case: AIIMS doctors found chemical traces in the Viscera report of Shushant!


The investigation of actor Sushant Singh Rajput death case is going on continuously, but so far no concrete evidence has been received in this case. But the doctors of AIIMS who have investigated Sushant's viscera, in this case, have told him that he got some chemical from the Viscera report has been found, but the investigation has not yet been completed.

AIIMS's viscera extraction and forensic finding have revealed some facts in the Sushant case. According to AIIMS records, for Viscera, parts of Sushant's body were seized, including his stomach part, small intestine with food, 1/3 liver part, gallbladder portion, 1/2 on both sides. Kidney, 10 mL blood, and his scalp hair.

According to AIIMS investigators, some chemical traces have been found in Sushant's viscera. Did these chemical traces have any role in Sushant's death? Only CBI investigators will be able to tell about this. The forensic team of AIIMS will give the finances of these chemicals to the CBI, they will also be briefed about it. The CBI officials will later investigate whether it was related to Sushant's death or not.