Study claims: Many countries are hiding death figures from Corona, know where and how many people have lost their lives due to infection


There have always been questions about the figures of deaths from Corona and it has been said that the correct figures are being hidden. Now the University of Washington's Health Metrics and Evaluation Institute has conducted an analysis of this and claimed that almost all the big countries have hidden the correct death toll from Corona. It includes countries from India to America, Russia, Britain, and Italy, etc.

According to the data of the website named WorldMeetors, 33 lakh 59 thousand people have died due to corona worldwide so far. Actually, it has been told by adding the data of deaths shown in government data by different countries. But according to the analysis of Health Metrics, around 6.9 million people, or 6.9 million people have died due to corona so far. These figures are more than double the government figures.

According to an analysis by the Health Metrics and Evaluation Institute, the highest number of deaths from Corona occurred in the US, but government data showed significantly less. If we talk about India and Mexico, there have been two times more deaths here, while in Russia five times more.

In which country, how many deaths from corona so far (according to government statistics - WorldMeetors)

America - 5,98,540 deaths.

India - 2,62,350 deaths

Mexico - 2,19,901 deaths.

Brazil - 4,30,596 deaths

Russia - 1,14,723 deaths

Britain - 1,27,651 deaths.

Italy - 1,23,745 deaths.

Iran - 76,231 deaths.

Egypt - 14,150 deaths

South Africa - 55,012 deaths.

Corrected death figures from Corona (according to Health Metrics)

America - 9,05,289 deaths

India - 6,54,395 deaths

Mexico - 6,17,127 deaths.

Brazil - 5,95,903 deaths

Russia - 5,93,610 deaths

Britain - 2,09,661 deaths.

Italy - 1,75,832 deaths.

Iran - 1,74,177 deaths

Egypt - 1,70,041 deaths

South Africa - 1,60,452 deaths.

Why are there fewer cases of deaths in government figures?

Researchers say deaths from corona were reported only in those places hospitalized or their infection confirmed in government data. Deaths at home or outside the hospital were not included in government data. One reason for the lowering of the death toll is that the testing has been reduced in many places, due to which the real cause of the deaths has not been found out and they are not included in the figures of deaths due to corona.

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