South : Superstars like Prabhas are left behind in front of these five comedians, films are incomplete without them


Mainly credit is given to the lead actor or actress for a good film, but a good film is the one in which every artist has put his life, no matter how small the role he got. A good actor doesn't care how big or small the role is. Many such actors have emerged in South cinema, who never played the main character, but definitely grabbed everyone's attention with their brilliant acting. Today we will talk about some such stars who have been seen in almost every film of their era.


It would not be wrong to say that at one time most of the South films could not have been made without Brahmanandam. In the South film industry, Brahmanandam has given so many hit comedy films that he is called the comedy king there. Brahmanandam has acted in more than 1000 films in his career spanning more than two decades. You will be surprised to know that Brahmanandam charges one crore rupees for a film. Now it is not a common thing for the comedians of South Cinema to get such a high fee. Brahmanandam earns about five lakh rupees in 24 hours.

Raghu Babu

The name of actor Raghu Babu is also included in this list. Raghu mostly appears in Telugu films. The film in which Raghu is in is almost certain to be a hit. Raghu was also born in Andhra Pradesh. Raghu Babu wins the hearts of all the audience with his superb acting and expressions. Please tell that Raghu Baba's father Giri Babu was also a well-known comedy star in the Telugu film industry.

Venu Madhav

When it comes to comedians of South films, who can forget Venu Madhav. But the sad thing is that they are no longer with us. He acted in more than 150 Telugu and Tamil films. Venu Madhav has last seen in the film Dr.Paramanandaiah Students. Venu, counted among the best comedians of Telugu cinema, is called the life of films.

Jai Prakash Reddy

Jayaprakash is known for his comedy roles. Although he is no longer with us. He started his career with the film 'Brahmaputrudu'. Jayaprakash had acted in several films including Preminchukundam Ra, Jayam Mandera, Samarasimha Reddy, Chennakeshavareddy, Chhatrapati, Gabbarsinga, Sitayya, Nayak, Resuguram, Manam, Temper, among others.


Ali has worked in more than 1000 films. Not only this, Ali has won Filmfare twice and Nandi Awards twice. He has a huge fan following everywhere from the world of TV to the screen of films.