Sonu Sood turns Corona positive, still ready to help people


Sonu Sood's coronavirus test positive has come, he has shared a note on social media. In this he has written, 'Coronavirus mode and spirit is super positive. Hello friends, I want to inform you that Kovid-19 My test has come positive, so I have quarantined myself. There is nothing to worry about, on the contrary, now I will have more time than ever to fix your problems. Remember any problem I am always with you, Sonu Sood.

Sonu Sood is a film actor. He has played an important role in many films. His roles have been well-liked. He helped many people during the Corona epidemic. He helped people last year during the Corona epidemic. The Corona epidemic across the country. The second wave of it is spreading very fast. Many people are getting caught in it. Many Bollywood actors have been hit by the Coronavirus. Now Sonu Sood has also been found to be Kovid-19 positive. Recently Sonu Sood has been given the Coronavirus vaccine in Punjab On this occasion, he also said that he appealed to the people that those who have not taken the dose of Corona vaccine should get it done quickly.

Since morning I haven't kept my phone down, thousands of calls from all over India for HOSPITAL BEDS, MEDICINES, INJECTIONS, and still not able to provide too many of them, I feel so helpless. The situation is scary, pls stay at home, wear a mask and prevent yourself from infection.

- Sonu Sood (@SonuSood)

Sonu Sood had recently appealed to people to start their own business by making many funny videos. Sometimes he was making a knife and sometimes he was making a dosa. With this, he appealed to the people to earn. For this, he can start a venture. For this, he was ready to provide the necessary things. Fans of Sonu Sood are wishing him a speedy recovery.