Social media users made fun of this look of Anushka Sharma's, social media is flooded with these funny memes


Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is often known for her beautiful style. The actress often shares her beautiful photos on her Insta account. Fans too like these pictures of her. Anushka Sharma has always received a good response from fans on the pictures shared by her, but this time the picture shared by Anushka Sharma did not like by her fans much.

It is not that no one likes this picture of Anushka Sharma. Some social media users often troll the stars for no reason. Similarly, some social media users started making fun of this picture of Anushka Sharma. Anushka Sharma shared a picture of herself in an orange and white colour swimsuit on her Insta account.

But her fans did not like this picture. While Anushka Sharma's husband Virat Kohli could not stop herself from commenting on this beautiful picture of Anushka Sharma. He shared his feeling by posting an Emoji of heart.

Some social media users started making fun of her look, some trolled her. A user compared Anushka's look to the VLC music player.

One of the users removed the middle of this picture of Anushka Sharma using Photoshop to create the background of the road on which traffic cones are seen which match Anushka's swimsuit.

One user compared Anushka Sharma's swimsuit to a snake. In the picture, you can see the colour of the snake and Anushka Sharma's swimsuit looks the same.

Seeing this picture of Anushka Sharma, a user remembered the cartoon character Nemo fish from the movie Finding Nemo. While sharing the picture, he wrote that both of them look very similar.