Smita Patil, known for her strong acting, was also in the discussion due to her relationship with Raj Babbar


Bollywood's legendary actress Smita Patil's birthday falls on 17 October. He was born in the year 1956 in Pune. Smita Patil showed her stamina in many Bollywood films. She was always known for her different roles in films. Apart from films, Smita Patil was also in the news for her relationship with actor and now politician Raj Babbar.

The love story of Smita Patil and Raj Babbar has also been mentioned by the writer Maithili Rao in the biography of the late actress. Maithili Rao has written a lot in Smita Patil's biography. In which he has said that Smita Patil's relation to Raj Babbar was also criticized. People said about him that he broke the marriage of Raj Babbar and Nadira Babbar.

According to the book, Smita Patil's mother was against her and Raj Babbar's relationship. She used to say how Smita, who fought for the rights of women, can break someone else's house. Her mother was a role model for Smita. The love story of Raj Babbar and Smita Patil started during the shooting of the film 'Bhigi Palakeen'. After this Raj Babbar separated from his first wife Nadira and married Smita Patil.

Raj Babbar has three children Juhi, Arya, and Prateek. While Juhi and Arya are from Nadira, Prateek is the son of Smita and Raj Babbar. After Smita's death, Raj Babbar again returned to his first wife, Nadira. It is mentioned in the book that Smita Patil had not even listened to her mother regarding her relationship with Raj Babbar. His mother was deeply saddened that his relationship with his daughter had deteriorated at the last moment.

Maithili Rao himself said in an interview, 'Smita had a brain infection due to viral infection. She came home after Prateik was born. She was not ready to go to the hospital very soon, saying that I will not leave my son and go to the hospital. When this infection increased greatly, he was admitted to Jaslok Hospital. Smita's organs went one after the other. Smita died a few days later on 13 December 1986.