Siddharth Pithani shared the screenshot, wrote- Keep my wife away from your problems


Sushant Singh Rajput's brother-in-law OP Singh recently shared screenshots of some WhatsApp messages. In this message, there is a conversation between him and Bandra's DCP. It has been revealed from this message that he had already alerted the Bandra Police that Sushant Singh's life is in danger. After this, some screenshots have been shared by Sushant Singh's flatmate Siddharth Pithani. This screen shot features a conversation with him and Sushant's brother-in-law.

It is being said that this conversation took place at a time when Sushant was unable to talk to his family. Then OP Singh had a chat with Sushant's flatmate Siddharth Pithani on WhatsApp. However, later Siddharth sent these messages to Sushant. These messages show that Sushant's family and Jeeta were not happy with the company they opened (Sushant), their habits and many other issues. OP Singh also told Sushant to stay away from his wife (Sushant's sister). Because his wife was getting upset because of his brother Sushant.

His friend Siddharth Pithani was one of the people closest to Sushant Singh Rajput. At the time of Sushant's death, Siddharth was in another room at his house. Now Siddharth Pithani has shared the WhatsApp message allegedly received from Sushant's brother-in-law OP Singh. According to the message Siddharth shared, Sushant was not in touch with his family. Not only this, his brother-in-law even messaged me to keep my sister away from her problems.