Shekhar Suman arrived in Patna to meet Sushant's father, said: What is being seen is more than that


After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, many high profile people are reaching his Patna home. Now the name of actor Shekhar Suman has also been added to this episode. Shekhar Suman met Sushant's father. He later spoke to the media and demanded a CBI inquiry.

Shekhar Suman also shared a picture with Sushant's father on his Twitter account. I also wrote that 'I met Sushant's father. Joined his mourning. We sat together for a while. Didn't talk though. He is still in shock. I think it's okay to be silent to mourn. ' With this tweet, Shekhar Suman demanded a CBI inquiry into the hashtag.

After reaching Patna, Shekhar Suman spoke to the media there. He has also shared a video in which he is saying that in this time of Corona, a lot of people told me that it would not be right to go now but I think all this is not seen at such a time. I have started a campaign on social media called Justice of Sushant Forum. Millions of people have joined it. The demand for all of us is that a lot more has happened than what is visible. that sounds like.'

Producer Sandeep Singh along with Shekhar Suman also reached Sushant's house. Sushant had a good friendship with Sandeep. In the past, some pictures have also appeared in which Sandeep appeared with Shekhar Suman and was paying tribute to Sushant.

Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide case has remained high profile since last 14 June. Since his death, there have been many discussions in Bollywood on issues like factionalism, camper, and dynasty. On the other hand, Sushant's fans are constantly demanding justice for the actor on social media. Although Sushant's last post-mortem stated the cause of suicide as a result of being hanged due to hanging, people are still demanding a CBI inquiry into the case.