Sapna Choudhary hasn't shown her son's face yet, told on which day she will post the photo


Sapna Choudhary, who started her career as a stage dancer in Haryana, today has become her own identity in the whole country due to her dance and dance. Haryanvi Dancer Sapna Choudhary is the heartbeat of millions of hearts today. Lakhs of people throng to get a glimpse of the actress. Now Sapna is not interested in any induction, just her name is enough.

Although Sapna is often in discussion due to her songs and dance, for the last year, the dancer is in a discussion about her secret marriage and son. Last year, Sapna's fans were shocked when it came to know that Sapna was married, and even more, shocked when the news of Sapna becoming a mother came a few months after the news of the marriage surfaced. Sapna married Veera Sahu in January and became a mother in October.

Sapna's son has been 9 months but till now neither has seen his son's face nor does anyone know his son's name. Fans are desperate to see a glimpse of Sapna's son. Now Sapna has told something about when the actress will show her face and when will she name it. Talking to Times of India, Sapna said, 'My son does not bother at all, he lets me work in peace. I don't get fussy when I go out of work and this gives me a lot of comforts. My son is born in a house where both his parents belong to the industry, but I want to give him a spot free life. He will be one year old in October and maybe then I will post his photo and tell people his name. But then I am keeping him away from everything'.