Sanjay dutt daughter trishala said: 'People are judging me from my first breath, it is related to my family name'


Trishala Dutt, daughter of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, is one such star kid who is completely away from the dazzling world of stars. Usually, children of famous stars choose acting as their career, but Trishala did not do so, she studied to become a psychotherapist like a common man, and today she is a psychotherapist in New York. Although Trishala may stay away from the world of Limelight, Trishala's discussion on social media is no less than a heroine, her fan following is also no less than a heroine. People wait for Trishala's post and her posts are also very viral on social media.

Recently, Trishala played a game with her fans in which people asked her all the questions related to her personal life to professional life. Trishala answered these questions very well and also gave a lot of information about psychotherapy. During this session, a user asked Trishala, 'How do you deal with people judging you constantly'?

Responding to the user's query, Trishala said, 'People have been judging me ever since I started breathing. Unfortunately, I got it with my family name. When you deal with highly judgmental people, you shouldn't take them too personally. When people are sad, upset, lost, and away from themselves, they take their anger out on others. They start judging people. You didn't notice? When we are not happy with ourselves, then we start judging, blaming, feeling bad about the people around us. No one does this when he is happy. Keep everyone happy, respect everyone, love everyone even those who criticize you. Not because they deserve it, but because you deserve it.