Sana's marriage, which has left cinema for Islam, said to the man in front of the family in Surat - Qubool


Former actress Sana Khan, who has quit cinema and announced her life to fully promote Islam, is married. Sana did this nikah in the presence of family members in the Surat city of Gujarat. A video of this marriage is becoming very viral on social media. Sana has worn white clothes from top to bottom in this marriage on Friday. Also, her husband Mufti Anas was also seen wearing white kurta pajamas. As long as Sana Khan was a part of the film industry, she had millions of fans. In her career, Sana has worked in only a few Hindi films like 'Halla Bol', 'Jai Ho', 'Reason Tum Ho'. Most of Sana's work has been in South Indian films.

In the 2016 film 'Reasons Tum Ho', Sana appeared alongside Sharman Joshi and Gurmeet Chaudhary. In this film, Sana showed a very bold style and from here he got millions of fans. He is a fan even today and is also congratulating him on this marriage of Sana Khan. Sana decided to say goodbye to the film industry shortly before writing a long post on social media.

Sana has been working in the film industry for almost 15 years, but suddenly she realized that the purpose of a human beings in the world should not be just to earn money and fame. In her post on social media, Sana wrote, 'I am talking to you at an important point in my life. I have been a part of the film industry for years and I got my fame, respect, wealth from my loved ones from here. I am thankful to everyone for this.

Sana wrote in a questioning tone, 'For a few days I have been thinking about whether a man has come into this world only for the purpose of earning wealth and fame? Is it not his duty to spend his life serving those who are destitute? Shouldn't a person think that he can die at any time? And what is he going to become after he dies? Looking for answers to these questions for a long time? Especially the answer to that question when a man dies and what will he become after that? '

Her fans understood her views on Sana's post and some people even trolled Sana on this post. Sana then removed from her social media account all the pictures she had shared the entire time. He kept only those pictures in which Sana is wearing a hijab. Now Sana only shares the pictures with Hijab on social media.