Sana Khan, who left acting for Islam, shared wedding photos, Mufti Anas's wife looks happy in photos


As long as Sana Khan was in Bollywood, she was always a part of the headlines. Even after being away from Bollywood, Sana is collecting limelights. Earlier, he surprised people by giving up Bollywood to propagate Islam. At the same time, Sana's wedding these days is collecting limelight. Sana has recently married Maulana of Gujarat. After the wedding, he has now shared some of his pictures too.

Sana Khan marries Maulana Anas Mufti in Surat, Gujarat on 20 November. Sana herself shared this photo on social media. In which she was seen sitting with her husband. At the same time, Sana has shared some of her pictures with fans, and in which, she looks amazing.

Sana has shared her photos in the story on her official Instagram account. In which she is seen sitting in the bride's dress. Sana is looking very beautiful in the bride's red couple. She has complimented her look with gold jewelry with this LA couple. He also has a mehndi named Maulana Anas.

Earlier, Sana also shared a picture of her and Maulana Anas sitting together. With this picture, he wrote in the caption, 'Love each other for the sake of Allah, marry each other for the sake of Allah, Allah will keep us together in this world and reunite in Paradise'.

Let us know that on Shaniwak's day, a video of Bigg Boss fame Sana Khan's wedding suddenly started going viral on social media. In which she was coming down the stairs holding the hand of her husband Mufti Anas Khan. In another video, she was seen cutting the cake. Sana was seen wearing white clothes in this video. Today, he himself shared pictures of his marriage.