Salman Khan raised the cost of the operation of Rakhi Sawant's mother, the emotional actress said - 'You saved my mother's life


While Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant is an internet sensation these days, on the other hand, Rakhi is going through a very difficult phase in their personal life. Rakhi's mother is battling cancer and she has an operation today. The information about this actress has shared a video on her social media account Instagram. Rakhi has shared two videos with her mother on her Instagram. In one video, Rakhi's mother is seen on the bed and thanking Salman Khan.

In the second video, aunt is seen going for the operation. In the video, Rakhi Sawant is also thanking Salman Khan and comparing him to the angel. Salman Khan has borne the entire expenses of the operation of Rakhi's mother. Not only this, the actor has appointed the best surgeon for the aunt, due to which Rakhi is thanking her and Salman.

In the video, Rakhi says, "Today my mother has to have an operation, today, Doctor Sanjay Sharma will remove the tumor of cancer from her body. Today, cancer will come out of the mother's body completely '. After this, the mother of the actress thanked Salman and said, "I salute Salman." I used to pray to Jesus about what we would do when we have no money. I will die just like that, but Jesus sent Salman Khan into our life as an angel. Salman Khan has been standing for me, is getting my operation done, his entire family is standing with us'.

After this Rakhi also thanks Salman and says, "Thank you, Salman Ji, that you have saved my mother's life." Today, such a huge operation is being done because of God and you. You gave us the number one doctor of the world, Sanjay Sharma. Every house in India has a son like Salman Bhai and Sohail Bhai. Both of you brothers came as angels in our family '.