Salman has given a big challenge to media, Is he started arrogantly due to his success?


If a list of the most liked actors in Bollywood is made, then there is no doubt that Salman's name will come first. No useless film of Salman is also a flop, because the fan following of Bhaijaan is so much that the budget of the film is easily fulfilled.

Salman is also known for his impeccable attitude. Recently, at the launch event of 'Bigg Boss 13', Salman got involved in a scuffle with the media. A media person came very close to the stage. This was not tolerated by Salman and he started harassing the photographers directly.

Salman said- "And nobody has any problem, it's just you, you guys should do something about it". Salman's forehead got hot, and he told the photographer - "Look brother, if you have this much problem, I will tell you a simple solution, ban me". Then event organizers present on the spot handled the case and cooled the atmosphere.

Salman has challenged the media like him. Salman is a good source of news and everyone wants to read and know about him. In such a situation, Salman is also aware that there is more damage to the media if he is banned. Things are beginning to happen that it is nothing but a boast of success that is saluting Salman's head.

But we should understand that celebrities are also human beings and they also need space in life. Talking about films, Salman's 'Dabangg 3' is going to be released on December 20. Please tell your thoughts about this behavior of Salman.