Roomy girlfriend Aathia Shetty congratulated KL Rahul on her birthday, see photos


Today is the birthday of cricketer KL Rahul. On social media, he is constantly congratulating his fans and fans on his birthday. Athiya Shetty, daughter of film actor Sunil Shetty, has also congratulated KL Rahul on his birthday.

He shared a picture of himself with KL Rahul on Instagram. KL Rahul and Aathia Shetty have been dating each other for a long time. The news of his affair is often viral on social media. They are also spotted together several times. However, the two have never openly accepted their relationship. Despite this, both of them are seen having fun and chatting with each other on social media.

While congratulating cricketer KL Rahul on his birthday, Athiya Shetty shared a mirror selfie with him. He also wrote, 'Happy birthday KL Rahul. I am grateful to you. ' Apart from Athiya Shetty, his brother Ahan Shetty has also shared a photo congratulating KL Rahul. He wrote, 'Happy birthday KL Rahul.' Ahan Shetty will soon be seen in many films.

Once Sunil Shetty also praised KL Rahul very much, he said that tomorrow Rahul is an interesting player, he is very talented, he is a very good batsman. These days, Wah is also keeping wicket in one-day matches, one day he will mature and the country will get a lot of work.

KL Rahul and Aathia Shetty's relationship is getting stronger day by day. Both are also seen spending time with each other on many occasions. Aathia Shetty is a film actress. She has played an important role in many films. His films have been well-liked. Apart from this, many music videos have also been seen.