Ronit Roy gives security to big Bollywood and Hollywood stars, charges lakhs and crores


Every artist in Bollywood has had a struggle of his own. It was not easy for some actors to rise from the common man and shine like a star in Bollywood. But there are many stars in our film world who never let their dream break, no matter what cost they had to pay for it. Television and Bollywood actor Ronit Roy are included in these stars. Ronit Roy has been a part of the film industry since the '90s, but he has worked hard to get where he is today. Today Ronit Roy not only acts in Bollywood but also takes the responsibility of protecting many Bollywood and Hollywood stars on his shoulders.

Ronit Roy takes care of the safety of the stars

When any Bollywood star comes out of his house, his bodyguard is like a shadow with him. Wherever the actors go, their bodyguards go there. Whenever we talk about bodyguards of Bollywood stars, the name of Salman Khan's bodyguard comes first in the mind. From Shahrukh Khan to Katrina Kaif, there are bodyguards for the safety of every star. But do you know that apart from these bodyguards, Ronit Roy also takes care of the safety of film stars? Along with Bollywood stars, he also takes full responsibility for the safety of Hollywood actors.

Ronit Roy runs his own security agency

Apart from acting, Ronit also runs his own security agency. Which he opened long ago. Through his agency, he provides security to stars from Bollywood to Hollywood. Not only this but his guards are also seen on the sets of many films protecting the entire cast and crew. It would not be wrong at all to say that Ronit Roy has taken the responsibility of protecting many stars on his shoulders. But this journey of Ronit Roy was not so easy. Today, Ronit Roy has struggled hard to take his place in the films as well as to become the owner of the security agency.

Washed dishes in the hotel

There was a time in Ronit Roy's life when he was struggling hard to take his place in films. He also saw those times in life when he did not even have money to eat, but he definitely had a dream of becoming an actor in his eyes. With this dream, he left all and came to Mumbai. But he did not get a chance in films so easily. With no money in his pocket and to make a living in Mumbai, Ronit Roy started working as a management trainee in a hotel. In the hotel where he used to work, he used to do dishes from washing dishes to bar tendering and serving food on the table. Despite working in a hotel, his passion to become an actor did not diminish from his mind.

Despite giving a blockbuster film, work was not done for 5 years

It is said that when you ask for something with great sincerity, you will get it and the same happened with Ronit Roy. Ronit Roy's dream of becoming an actor was fulfilled in 1999 when he got the film 'Jaane Tere Naam'. This film proved to be a super hit at the box office. Ronit Roy had told that this film was a Silver Jubilee film. Even after this, Ronit Roy gave many hits, after which he felt that he was getting closer to his destination, but it was not so. Ronit Roy, who gave many super hit films, did not get hero stardom. He was considered unsuccessful due to which he did not get work for 5-6 years.

Every day only two thousand rupees were available on TV

Ronit Roy, who has become a big name in the TV world today, charges lakhs of rupees for one day's shooting. But there was a time when he used to get only two thousand rupees every day in the name of fees. After staying in the film world till 2000, when Ronit Roy felt that his survival was getting difficult, he turned to television. After working in television, Ronit Roy got recognition but did not get enough money so that he could run his house easily. According to a media report, Ronit Roy had told that when he made his debut on TV, he used to get only 2 thousand rupees every day.

decided to start a business

Despite struggling in films, Ronit Roy decided to do his own business. He thought that why not work to protect film stars. Ronit Roy was not getting films and there was not much money on TV too, but despite this, he started a security agency. The name of his agency is Ace Security and Protection Agency.