Riya Chakraborty revealed, Sushant Singh Rajput started taking heavy drugs in Sara Ali Khan's company


The Narcotics Control Bureau is under investigation in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. The NCB is questioning several others, including Riya Chakraborty. Meanwhile, according to the information now revealed, Riya has made many revelations related to Sara Ali Khan in the case of a drug connection. Riya said that Sushant used to take huge amounts of drugs while shooting for the film 'Kedarnath'.

According to a TV channel, Riya told NCB that Sushant had become a drug addict. It was difficult for them to get out of it. Riya said that on June 8, she left Sushant's house. During that time the lockdown was going on. After Sushant was accused of Meitu, Riya thought that if she stays with him then her career will also be affected.

Riya said in her statement, Sushant Singh Rajput was taking huge amounts of drugs during the shooting of the film 'Kedarnath'. Even before that Sushant used to take drugs but after 'Kedarnath' he became a drug addict. Earlier they used to take limited quantity. Riya told that when Sushant entered the industry, he lived with those people who were party culture people. Drugs used to run among them but they were not used.

Riya further revealed that Sushant used to take 10 to 20 dopes of curated marijuana, according to media reports. They used to consume it regularly. In the lockdown, he started consuming drugs more. Riya says that Sushant's drug dose increased during the shooting of 'Kedarnath'.

Riya told us that everyone stayed on the Himalayas while shooting for the film 'Kedarnath'. Drugs are easily found there. In such a situation, the whole set started taking drugs. Sushant and Sara's weight also increased due to drugs (cannabis). Explain that Sushant's friend Samuel Hawkip had revealed that Sara and Sushant were dating each other but they had a breakup soon.