Rakhi Sawant: Crying on the middle road, Rakhi Sawant made this big disclosure about Salman!


Famous Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant's mother was battling cancer, she has been undergoing treatment in the hospital for a long time. Rakhi has also mentioned it on television several times. Salman Khan came forward to help Rakhi and made complete arrangements for Rakhi's mother's operation. After the mother's operation, now Rakhi has also thanked Salman Khan and Sohail Khan in front of the world.

Now a video is going viral, she thanked Salman Khan by falling on her knees on the road in front of the camera. Rakhi is speaking in the video, “My mother underwent an operation this morning. I have also shared a video of my mother's tumor on Instagram. Doctors said that if she had not come soon, she could hardly have survived ”.

At the same time, Rakhi thanked Salman, she said 'Salman brother, I can bow before you… You have saved my mother.' Rakhi starts crying as she speaks. She further cries, 'I don't want anything, just want a mother, nothing but mother, Thank you Sohail Bhai, Thank you Salman Bhai. My mother has got a new life.