Question : Neetu Kapoor's birthday was celebrated after the death of Dilip sahib, KRK asked - If he doesn't respect him...


Flop actor turned film critic Kamal R Khan aka KRK is quite active on social media. He often gets a lot of headlines due to his controversial tweets and rhetoric. Recently, KRK has made another tweet in which he has questioned the death of Dilip Sahab and the birthday party of actress Neetu Kapoor. In fact, Dilip Kumar died on the morning of 7 July and was buried at five o'clock in the evening.

KRK's tweet going viral

On the other hand, Neetu Kapoor's birthday was on 8th July and many Bollywood celebs attended this party. Now KRK has questioned this party and said that if you cannot respect Dilip sahib, then who will you do? KRK believes that it is not right to celebrate Bollywood celebs like this immediately after Dilip Sahab's passing.

KRK wrote in his tweet that, 'Dilip Kumar sir passed away in the morning. He was buried at around five o'clock in the evening and at 9 o'clock in the night Bollywood enjoyed Neetu Kapoor's birthday party. I am not saying that Neetu Ji is wrong or that she should not have celebrated her birthday, but if you cannot respect Dilip sahib, then who will you do?

Now some people are supporting him on this tweet of KRK and some people are telling his tweet wrong. One user wrote, 'This is the bitter truth, my friend'. Another user wrote that 'These big actors can't mourn for a whole day for a legendary artist. At the same time, a user wrote that 'Dilip sahib has lived his whole life, he should not be said about his departure. Another user wrote that 'These things do not matter.

Let us tell you that KRK has been in the discussion about his similar tweets for a long time. Some time ago, a defamation case was filed against him on behalf of Salman Khan, in response to which KRK had said that this happened because he had given bad reviews of Salman's film Radhe. After this, Salman Khan's lawyer said that the reason for filing a defamation case against KRK is not to review the film but to malign Salman's image.

This issue was heated for a long time in which Mika Singh also jumped. After this, there was a long verbal war between Mika and KRK, on ​​which the users gave a lot of feedback. Not only this, after all these attacks, KRK also targeted Shahrukh and Kangana Ranaut and made many comments about their upcoming films.