Profile : Raj Kundra's first wife Kavita is the daughter of a rich businessman, husband had an affair with Shilpa Shetty during pregnancy


Mumbai Police is in police custody for making actress Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra an adult film. Shilpa is being trolled a lot since the allegations against the businessman. Along with actress Raj Kundra, he is also a business partner in many companies. Shilpa Shetty has 23 companies in her name and her husband is the owner of nine companies. Beautiful actress Shilpa Shetty does not need any identity today. His film career has been a hit. After this, she married London-based businessman Raj Kundra in the year 2009. Significantly, Raj was already married and his first wife is also no less than an actress in beauty. So let's know about them. Let us tell you that Raj Kundra is a big businessman of Indian origin in London. In 2004, he made his place in the ranking of 198 richest people in Britain. Well, let's talk about his first wife.

Actually, Raj Kundra had first married Kavita Kundra, but he got divorced from Kavita in 2006 due to mutual discord. It is said that after this Kavita made many serious allegations against Shilpa. Raj and Kavita Kundra also have a daughter. According to media reports, Kavita clearly blamed Shilpa Shetty for her divorce. Raj and Shilpa first became business partners and from there the story took a love turn.

Raj first helped Shilpa in promoting a perfume brand. During this, both came into the eyes of the media and their love story started making headlines. At the same time, Shilpa's mother also started pressurizing Shilpa for marriage. Since then, both of them started mingling more with each other. It is said that when Raj Kundra was having an affair with Shilpa, his wife Kavita was pregnant at that time. Raj Kundra divorced his wife after the delivery of Kavita.

At the same time, seeing this closeness growing, Raj's first wife was turning red with anger and he started accusing Shilpa. There were reports that Kavita even called Shilpa a marriage breaker. Kavita told on her ordeal that Raj gave her a divorce notice only two months after the birth of daughter Delina. On the other hand, Raj and Shilpa's association grew even more. In such a situation, Shilpa did not pay any attention to the allegations made by Kavita.

Raj Kundra's first wife Kavita also belongs to the business family. Kavita was born in London. Kavita competes with Shilpa in terms of beauty. Let us tell you that Raj and Kavita got married in the year 2003.