Prince had a painful end of love, committed suicide with a 13-year-old girl


His love for a prince who was about to become king was everything. Even after getting married, his heart fell on someone else. Both could not live without each other. They knew that their love would never be accepted, so they decided to end their life together.

On 21 August 1858, son of Austrian King Franz Josef I was born here. The king and queen named their child Rudolph. While King Franz was of orthodox thinking, his son was open-minded. Rudolph used to watch everything with new thinking. This prince was promising in everything since childhood.

On 10 May 1881, she was married to Belgian princess Stephanie when Rajkumar Rudolph was not happy with married life. Initially, their married life was full of love and happiness, but things changed after the birth of their first child. Quarrels took place between the two. Rudolph wanted freedom from this failed marriage, but his father did not let him do so. Stuck in this bond of marriage, Rudolph started to feel like alcohol and other girls.

13-year-old Mary came to a heart

In 1886 Rudolph bought a haunting lodge in Mayerland and moved there to cut time. Here he met 17-year-old Marie Alexandrine Freon von Vetsera. The 30-year-old Rudolph began to love Mary and formed a loving relationship between them.

The two were found dead together

On 30 January 1889, both were found dead in the lodge. Initially, other reasons behind his death were discovered, but in the end, the conclusion was that the two had committed suicide together. It is said that this loving couple knew that their love will neither get the approval of the family nor society.

Rudolph was about to become king

The biggest challenge of their relationship was not 13 years of the age difference, but Rudolph's successor to the Austrian royal house. They could never close this gap even after wishing, in such a situation, they had decided to end their lives together.

Suicide planning was already done

In 2015, letters were found in a safe deposit box of the Austrian bank. These letters belonged to Mary, who wrote the names of her mother and brother. These showed that Mary was already planning to commit suicide with her lover Rudolph. She had said through these letters that she could not live without Rudolph, after which she also apologized for taking the step of suicide.