Pooja Bhatt quit drinking alcohol 4 years ago, this is how she controls herself


Film actress Pooja Bhatt has spoken on Instagram about quitting alcohol addiction. Actress Pooja Bhatt has given up drinking and she also talks a lot about it. For the last 4 years, Pooja Bhatt has drunk without drinking. She is living life. Recently she revealed that at times she feels the urge to open a bottle of champagne.

Pooja wrote on Instagram, 'Yesterday I had a great desire to drink alcohol. It all happened suddenly. I was watching a show on Netflix in the afternoon. My dog ​​was sitting near my feet and I was happy but only then I got strong drinking Wanted, for the last 4 years, while I have not done this, imagine what I would have done?

Pooja further says, "I let that feeling come, if I thought more about pressing it, I would drown in it. I sat there and I started thinking that I was opening a bottle of wine. After that I made myself Made a drink and then she went to the feeling. I got up and took a walk in the garden in the sun and I breathed strongly that this moment has passed. I am telling you that no matter how far you have gone on the road, You can return

Pooja also said, 'You are just one step away from your happy life. It takes a long time to recover. It requires passion, not courage, to do it. Because of this, I win every day. When you are climbing up So don't look down. See only when there is a lot of need and see only when you have reached the peak and how far you have come. '