Pooja Bhatt praises Sonu Sood for helping people suffering from Coronavirus, the actress also said this about the leaders


Bollywood veteran actor Sonu Sood continues to help many people in the Corona era. People often ask him for help on social media. Sonu Sood has been up for over a year helping troubled, poor, and needy people. Everyone keeps on praising them for helping such people, from the common to the special.

Bollywood actress Pooja Bhatt has also praised her for helping people in the corona epidemic. He has also honored Sonu Sood. Pooja Bhatt has praised the actor on social media. Pooja Bhatt is one of the most active actresses on social media. She is also known for her opinions on socio-political issues.

Pooja Bhatt praised Sonu Sood on her official Twitter account, writing, 'Extraordinarily generous and life-affirming words! The truth of it is known because it is not spoken but is truly felt! A lot of respect for Sonu Sood in every way. Will you expect to hear from elected leaders? We only start doing everything well. '

This tweet of Pooja Bhatt is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Actress and Sonu Sood's fans are very fond of her tweet. Also giving their feedback by commenting. Let us tell you that Pooja Bhatt praised Sonu Sood in her tweet in which the actor expressed concern over the death of people due to lack of oxygen.

Sonu Sood wrote in one of his tweets, "Anyone who has lost a loved one due to lack of oxygen or injections, will not be able to live peacefully throughout life. He will always live with the feeling that he failed to save his family. I want to tell them .. you did not fail, we did. ' His tweet became increasingly viral on social media.