Pinki Pramanik: The story of the athlete who was accused of being a man and rape, will come on the big screen, read details


Filmmaker Ashok Pandit has announced the biopic of athlete Pinky Pramanik. Gold medalist Pinky was made serious allegations of being a man and rape by a female athlete, against which Pinky had to fight a long legal battle. Ashok has announced this through social media.

Giving information about this on Twitter, Ashok wrote – Excited to announce my next project. The Shaking Story of Gold Medalist Athlete Pinky Pramanik. It is written by Priyanka Ghatak. The cast and crew will be decided soon. Ashok Pandit Productions has bought the rights to Pinky's biopic. Many fellow filmmakers have congratulated and congratulated him on this tweet of Ashok Pandit.

Ashok has also shared information about Pinky with a tweet, according to which Pinky had won many gold and silver medals in her career in domestic and foreign competitions, but one day something happened that her life became a curse. Pinky was accused of being a man and raping her.

Pinky was 22 years old at the time and was imprisoned among 1000 men. Pinky fought the system, which was bent on proving her guilty. The country which was proud of Pinky, she was being ashamed in the country. However, he did not give up and one day proved his innocence. Pinky won silver in the 2006 Commonwealth Games and gold in Asian Games. Pinky had expertise in running 400 and 800 meters.

Talking to Times of India, Pinky said that I am thankful to the team of the film, who thought of me. I was away from the field for some time and now this is a great opportunity to connect with people. I always wanted people to know my struggle. I know many people will be looking forward to it. I would like to give courage to people to fight against difficulties through this film.