Photos: 4 popular Bollywood devar bhabhi jodi shares amazing bonding


It is said that when the girl reaches her in-laws, her best friend there is her brother-in-law. In the in-law's house, Devar plays the role of a brother and a friend, making things easy for his sister-in-law. At the same time, sister-in-law also plays the role of mother and sister for her brother-in-law.

So let us tell you about the similar special bond between celebrity devar bhabhi jodi of Bollywood.

Rani Mukerji-Uday Chopra

Rani Mukherjee and Uday Chopra, who worked together in the film Mujhse Dosti Karoghe, are devar-bhabhi in real life. Rani Mukerji is the wife of Uday Chopra's elder brother Aditya Chopra. Between Rani-Uday, there is more of a friend than a brother-in-law. The bonding of the two is before the formation of a brother-in-law relationship. In an old interview, Uday said, 'I have known Rani for years.She is a very good person. I had a great experience working with him. He is a good artist as well as a very good homemaker; he has tied our entire family in a door with lots of love. '

Meera Rajput - Ishaan Khattar

When it comes to Bollywood's flirtatious brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Meera Rajput and Ishaan Khattar are the first names. In an old interview given to a media house, Ishaan had asked for her sister-in-law Meera, "She is only 1 year older than me, but at such a young age, she has connected the family and takes care of everyone, only the mother can keep it. Not only this, but Ishaan also believes all the things about his sister-in-law Meera Rajput. In a chat show, Ishaan said, 'When I go to my brother's house, there are some rules to be followed has some rulesby my sister in law. Especially, she has taught me what the right place to put shoes . Meera is also very fond of her brother-in-law's speculations and therefore he often teases her in comments on social media accounts.

Aditya Roy Kapur - Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan married film producer Siddharth Roy Kapoor in the year 2012. Apart from being a great actress, Vidya Balan is also a very good homemaker. Vidya has also adopted her entire family by joining Siddharth. We are not saying this, but Vidya's brother-in-law and Bollywood actor Aditya Roy Kapur has to say about his sister-in-law Vidya.

Not only this, but Aditya Roy Kapoor also wants to work in movies with his sister-in-law. In an old interview given to a media house, Aditya was asked that he would like to work with his sister-in-law Vidya, he said, 'She is such a great artist, who wouldn't want to work with her. No one has allowed me to work with her yet, but if I get a chance in future, I will say yes immediately. '

Priyanka Chopra - Joe Jonas

Priyanka Chopra married American singer Nick Jonas in the year 2018. Since marriage, Priyanka Chopra has gone on many trips with Nick's family. Not only this, but Priyanka Chopra also shares a very good bond with her daughter Sophie Turner. Priyanka also has very good tuning with her elder brother Joe Jonas. Not only do the two with each other on auspicious occasions but they also enjoy together on family trips.