Painful : This South actress had drank poison along with her lover, this was revealed in the CBI investigation


It is said that we always find the life of others pleasant, after watching movies, we all feel that the life of celebrities would be so comfortable, but the truth behind every picture is different. The world here is as full of glamor and glamour as it looks from afar, it is equally full of loneliness and pain from near. And when this pain increases beyond the limit, then the stars consider it right to forget life and embrace death. The list of celebrities embracing death is so long that you will also be compelled to think...

As soon as you take Pratyusha's name, you remember the face of the girl bride, Anandi. She had hanged herself from the fan in her house, but today we are talking about Pratyusha, she was not a TV actress but a well-known actress of South.

Pratyusha was the rising actress of the South. Her career was progressing and she was very happy with it. But in their personal life, she was yearning for love. She was in love with a boy named Siddharth Reddy and wanted to get married, but Siddhartha's family did not approve of this relationship.

And finally, Pratyusha committed suicide at the age of just 20. Pratyusha was in a relationship with Siddhartha Reddy and the two drank poison mixed with Coca-Cola together in the year 2002. Pratyusha died after consuming poison. But Siddhartha was saved. During that time it was said that Siddharth's family members were against their marriage and both decided to die together.

In 2002, when Pratyusha was postmortem, her suicide was declared as murder. The forensic report earlier said that Pratyusha died of strangulation. And before he was killed, he was raped.

This autopsy report created a storm in the year 2002. The name of this case was on everyone's tongue. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, the Andhra Pradesh High Court handed over the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Ultimately the investigating agency rejected the findings of the autopsy reports and concluded that Pratyusha's death was a case of suicide.

However, the CBI found Pratyusha's boyfriend Siddharth guilty of abetting her suicide. The court had sentenced him to five years in prison with a fine of Rs 6,000. Pratyusha's mother still believes that her daughter was murdered.