Own home and own car, this child actress has become an owner of crores at the age of just 11 years


'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein' is one such serial which has been seen by almost everyone in India. Even now people like it a lot, but currently, Ruhanika Dhawan is not seen in this serial. Rouhanika worked for this show for a long time.

She played the character of Chhoti Ruhi in this serial. Apart from this, this young artist has worked for many serials. Ruhanika, who is just 10 years old, has achieved a lot.

You will be surprised to know that Ruhanika is just 11 years old. She has become an owner of crores at such a young age. She has her own house and her own car. Where other children do nothing other than play at the age of 11, this girl has achieved such a big name.

Assuming the report of a reputed website, the total assets of this small artist is more than 5 crores. There was a time when she used to use her parents' car to go to the set, but in today's time, she goes to the shooting set with her own car. Her own car is of the BMW brand. She also owns a flat of 1 BHK.

Along with acting and earning in the serial, this little actress is also completing her studies. She is currently in seventh grade. However, due to her acting career, she is not able to go to school daily.