OTT: These stars did not let the lack of cinema halls, surprised by the characters more than one


Bollywood actors and their movies are a very special part of common people's life. Whenever a favorite actor's film was screened in the cinema hall, the audience would definitely go to see him. But in the year 2020, when the coronavirus knocked, the cinema halls were also locked. To keep everyone safe from this epidemic, a lockdown was imposed on the entire country. This had a profound impact on the industry. Its huge impact was also seen in the cinema hall. Which were closed in view of the safety of the people during the Corona period. However, one by one now everything is opening back. But due to the Corona epidemic, theaters have not been able to open at their full capacity for the last year.

Stars entertained on OTT platform

When the cinema halls were closed, the audience could not watch the movies of their favorite stars on the big screen for some time. But over time, the public and artists found a way to stay connected with each other, which is OTT platforms. The public also got another means of entertainment. In the last year, there may have been fewer films released in theaters, but it would not be right to say that good content has not come in the last year. Many stars gave such content on OTT that the public forgot the sorrow of the closure of cinema halls. Many such films have been released on the OTT platform, which entertained the audience a lot and even after months have passed, the audience remembers these films and stars. Today, in this article, we are telling you about those artists, who came on the OTT platform in a year and gave tremendous content to their viewers.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is not just called the player of Bollywood, it is not possible for his film to come and disappear without a blast. When all the big stars were waiting for the cinema hall to open after Corona for the release of their films, Akshay Kumar took a big risk during that time. His film 'Lakshmi' was ready. But due to the closure of theaters, it could not be released on the big screen. In such a situation, Akki also found another way to entertain his audience and released his film 'Lakshmi' on the co-streaming platform.

Thalapathy Vijay

The real hallmark of an actor's success is his fans. Those who are busy promoting the film of their favorite star many months in advance and so is the case with South's actor Thalapathy Vijay. His film 'Master' was scheduled to release last year. But the film could not be released due to the Corona pandemic. He wanted to build a palace for his fans before the film, but it did not happen. Vijay assured his fans that whenever his film releases, it will be on the big screen. He kept his promise. The film was released in theaters with limited capacity on January 13, 2021. His film 'Master' was the first major release of the year. Even though 50% of the theaters were open, his film did not lose much.

Samantha Akkineni

The second season of 'The Family Man' received a lot of love from the audience. People are giving tremendous love to this series. Just like every character of this series is popular. But if there is anyone's name on the lips of the audience, then it is Raazi i.e. Samantha Akkineni, who has become a villain in this show. She is a very good fighter in the second part of The Family Man and belongs to the rebel group. He encounters Manoj Bajpayee, after which a fight ensues between them.

Jaideep Ahlawat

The series 'Patal Lok' released on 15 May 2020 was very much liked by the audience. In which Jaideep Ahlawat played the role of Hathiram. Produced by Anushka Sharma, the series performed tremendously on the OTT platform. Variety magazine called it one of the best international shows of 2020. It received nominations in eight categories at the Filmfare OTT Awards, out of which the show won five. Jaideep Ahlawat received a lot of accolades for his performance.

Prateek Gandhi

In the series 'Scam 1992' based on the life of the biggest scammer Harshad Mehta, Prateek Gandhi played the character of Harshad Mehta. He got the same amount of love from the audience as he played this role. People were so impressed by his style of walking, speaking, and laughing that he started looking for Harshad Mehta in him. 'Scam' made him a star overnight.

Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee is one of the best actors in Bollywood. Whatever he does, he gets the hearts of the audience. Manoj Bajpayee has always been active in films as well as on short films and OTT platforms. He won the hearts of the audience with his series 'Bhonsle'. The film was released in many film festivals but the year 2021 proved to be a great one for Manoj Bajpayee. This year he won the hearts of the audience with one superhit performance after another. His first documentary film was Neeraj Pandey's Secrets of Sinai. Then came 'Silence can you hear it.' In both these series, he got tremendous love from fans and the audience. But then came his third and record-breaking series 'The Family Man.' It has been a long time since its release, but people still do not get tired of praising them. He has played the character of Shrikant, whose audience has become a fan.