Once again Corona cases rise in Hong Kong, cinemas will be closed from July 15


In Hong Kong, all theaters will be closed from July 15 due to rising cases of coronavirus. Here once again Corona is attacked rapidly. According to Variety, this step has been taken after a new surge in coronavirus cases.

Chief executive Carrie Lam revealed the new changes Monday evening. In recent times, virus cases have started to increase rapidly once again. On Monday, health officials reported 52 new cases and one death. So far, a total of 1,522 corona cases have been reported here, while eight people have died.

According to the new rules, eating food in restaurants will also be prohibited and it will also be mandatory to wear masks on public transport at all times. Now only four people will be allowed in any ceremony instead of 50.

Let us know that soon the Korean action film 'Peninsula' was to premiere in Hong Kong, which was expected to be one of the highest-grossing films in the summer of this year, but now it has also been canceled.