OMG! This is the property of Katrina Kaif's bodyguard! It will be surprising to know


In Bollywood, 'stardom' never comes alone in the fortunes of stars. The name and fame are met, as well as the troubles of the stars are greatly increased. Stars, surrounded by the crowd of fans at all times, keep personal bodyguards for their protection.

In return for this protection, they also pay a hefty fee to their bodyguards. Today we are going to tell you about the salary of Katrina Kaif's bodyguard, about which you will not know.

When it comes to personal security, Katrina trusts her bodyguard Deepak Singh most for her safety.

Deepak Singh, who was once the personal bodyguard of Bollywood emperor Shah Rukh Khan. Deepak has been guarding Katrina for the last few years. According to reports, Deepak Singh charges a fee of Rs 1 crore annually. Apart from this, Katrina has also been seen surrounded by Salman Khan's bodyguards on several occasions.