OMG! This is Salman Khan's bodyguard, Shera's salary!


Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera is no less than a celebrity. He has a large following on social media. He has been with Salman for the last 25 years. Salman Khan also treats Shera like a family member.

Shera is Salman Khan's bodyguard since 1995. You would not know that Shera's real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly. He is very fond of bodybuilding since his school days. He has also won the title of Mr. Mumbai Junior.

He runs his security agency called Tiger. Salman Khan has promoted it a lot. Shera gets a salary of 16 lakh rupees per month from Salman. Accordingly, his annual salary is close to 2 crores.

Shera is the highest-paid person in Bollywood celebs' bodyguards. Apart from Salman Khan, through his security agency, he has given security to a lot of people.