OMG!Sonakshi Sinha and Reena Roy look like real mother-daughter in these pictures


When Sonakshi Sinha made her debut with the film Dabangg, there was a lot of discussion about her looks resembling Reena Roy. People even started flying rumours that Sonakshi is Reena Roy's daughter. The matter may not be true, but one has to admit that Sonakshi's looks are really like Reena Roy. In these pictures, Sona looks like Reena's xerox copy.

Rumours erupted after Sonakshi's debut

After Sonakshi Sinha's debut, a strange story was in a discussion that Sonakshi is not Reena Roy's daughter but Poonam Sinha's daughter.

She was related to Reena and Shatru's affair

The look of his debut film was meeting Reena Roy. Another reason for this was that Sonakshi's father Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy had been discussed in the affair.

After 'Kalicharan', the proximity increased between the two

When Reena Roy was 19 years old, Shatrughan Sinha appeared in the film 'Kalicharan' opposite. The film was a huge hit and Reena became a star. He then worked with Shatru in another film and grew closer between the two.

There were reports of the two are in touch even after marriage

However, Shatrughan Sinha married Poonam Sinha. Even after marriage, there were reports of Shatru and Reena staying in touch. After some time, Reena married Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan. Reena and Mohsin got divorced in 1990.

Sonakshi has dismissed rumours of Reena's daughter

However, there is no truth in this matter. Reena Roy and Sonakshi have denied this many times.

This quote was Reena Roy

At the same time, when Reena Roy was asked about this, she said that all these things are baseless. Sonakshi looks like her mother Poonam Sinha. He said that it seems that Sonakshi has been given an Indian look in the first film.

Sonakshi said -I look like my mother

Sonakshi became quite irritated with this news. On getting the appearance, she said that her face looks like her mother Poonam Sinha.

Poonam Sinha also told this news nonsense

Not only this, but Sonakshi's mother Poonam Sinha has also said this nonsense.