Oh no!  Sunny Leone  'artistry'  has created a ruckus. Check out the full detail  


Bollywood actress Sunny Leone recently tried her hand at painting. He was seen painting with his children Noa and Eicher. Sunny shared a picture on her social account in which she was seen sketching on a white sheet. In the picture, Sunny's children were also seen sitting behind her and playing with colours.

इसी तस्वीर से सनी की पेंटिंग कला सामने आई थी

In this caption, she wrote, 'Today has started a new painting and the best thing is that my son is also painting in the background. I hope this never changes'

#Ruckus on the picture

The picture that Sunny had talked about has surfaced. But a ruckus was also attached to it. It happened that this photo has been accused of theft. Sunny had made up her mind to help cancer patients by auctioning this picture. But the realization of this picture became a problem for Sunny. Dietsabya has questioned Sunny's intention by putting an original painting with this painting of Sunny on Insta.

आरोप लगा तो जवाब भी आया और 'साफ़ मन से चोरी की बात स्वीकार भी की गई'

# What did dietsabya say?

We all are here for charity, but to steal the real work of an artist, that too without any credit. And auctioning it for charity (as you said) is dirty work.

#Sunny's answer to the allegation

Sunny Leone has also responded to this. In response, Sunny wrote-

Hello. For your information, let me tell you, I was given a picture of this painting. Then I decided to paint it. I never told that it was my idea. I just made an artwork painting that I saw and liked. It should be appreciated that I donated it to cancer patients. Nothing more or less than this. Sorry, you did not like my intention to help children. The painting was not about you and me. I was just trying to help. Best wishes. Be artistic.

Though questions are arising on social media that theft is still a theft. Whatever Sunny wants to steal with a clear mind. But the fact is that Sunny copied a painting and auctioned it with her name. It will be asked later, what did you do with that money? But this question will come first, why did you do this? Sunny has also accepted that it was not a real piece. She had imitated the original painting.