Net Worth: Nagarjuna earns four crore rupees in a month!


Nagarjuna, the megastar of South Indian film cinema, needs no introduction. He has made his special identity in the film world on the basis of acting. Today we are going to give you information about the net worth of Akkineni Nagarjuna born on 29 August 1959 in Andhra Pradesh.

According to a website, Nagarjuna's net worth is estimated to be 123 million US dollars i.e. around 800 crores. Most of his earnings come from films and brand endorsements. Apart from his acting fees, Nagarjuna also shares in the profits from his films.

He charges a hefty amount for brand endorsements. Nagarjuna's monthly income and salary are more than Rs 4 crore. That is, he earns more than Rs 48 crore a year. Nagarjuna lives in Hyderabad. He owns several properties in the country. He also has many expensive cars. Which is worth crores of rupees.