Net Worth: Bollywood's veteran singer Kumar Sanu has assets worth so many crores, you will be surprised to know


Kumar Sanu is undoubtedly one of the finest background singers of India. Kumar Sanu has ruled the Indian music industry for many years with his exceptional voice. Kumar Sanu has made an incredible contribution as a background singer. He used to rule the singing industry in the 90s. Originally he sings in two languages, Hindi and Bengali, but he has sung in many other languages ​​as well.

According to a website, Kumar Sanu's net worth is estimated to be $9 million or about Rs 65 crore. His monthly income and salary are more than Rs 50 lakh. That is, he earns more than Rs 6 crore a year.

Kumar Sanu owns Pajero Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Toyota Innova, Toyota Hiace and few more cars. Kumar Sanu lives in a Goregaon, Mumbai. He has a 4 bhk apartment. He keeps his awards in a separate room, as they are very close to his heart.

Kumar Sanu has also married twice. However, his first marriage did not last long and in 1994 he separated from his first wife. Later in 2001, he remarried Saloni. He is also the father of three children.