Neena Gupta revealed, felt embarrassed after asking for work on Instagram


Neena Gupta has revealed in her autobiography 'Sach Kahoon To' that she felt ashamed after asking for work on Instagram. Neena Gupta shared a post on Instagram in 2017. Along with this, she had asked people for work. Neena Gupta Recently autobiography 'Sach Kahun Toh' has been released. In this, he has told things related to his life.

Neena Gupta's autobiography Sach Kehoon Toh was released by Kareena Kapoor on Monday. In this book, Neena Gupta has written many important events related to her life. Neena Gupta wrote in her viral post that she is an actress and lives in Mumbai. Neena Gupta has written in the book that she felt embarrassed after sharing this post.

Describing this, Neena Gupta has written, 'I could handle the media. My friends were also asking me if I am fine if my marriage and life okay. I would have handled that too but I fear my most. Neena was stunned to see what she would say about daughter and fashion designer Masaba Gupta. When Masaba Gupta also shared her post on her wall.

Describing this, Neena Gupta has written, 'I was waiting for an angry phone call. Although I got a good message from my daughter.' Neena Gupta wrote, 'I live in Mumbai and I am a good actress. I am looking for a good job.' Neena Gupta wrote this post in July 2017. Neena Gupta is a film actress. She has played an important role in many films. Her role has been well received.