Munna Tripathi said - When it comes to interesting characters, I become 'selfish'


'Munna Tripathi' Divyendu Sharma said, OTT is completely focused on the characters. He said, the entire series consists of 8-9 episodes and every character gets full space and respect. It is not like a cinema where you have to complete a film in two-and-a-half hours.

Coming from small cities, the writer and filmmaker of this time

said, 'This is a new genre that we are cashing in on. Writers and filmmakers of this time are coming out of small towns in other states like Uttar Pradesh and their stories are based on the happenings around them. For this reason, they have reality and depth. Divyendu said, 'This world is completely different from my world but these events and stories attract me.' He told that 'Scorpion's game' will air on ALT Balaji from November 18 and it is completely different from Mirzapur, but both have similarities about the subject.

He said, 'My character is very calm and gentle. He thinks from the heart instead of the mind. This series is completely different from film dialogues and music from the 80s-90s. Divyendu told, 'This is the story of a boy who wants to become a writer. But one day he comes to know that his father has been murdered and his life changes completely. Now his objective is to find out who did it and why.