Mother opened the big secret of Sapna Chaudhary's wedding and told the truth ... hardly anyone knows


Singer Dancer Sapna Chaudhary was shocked as soon as news of her marriage and son was revealed. But the real truth is told by his mother, who hardly anyone knows.

Sapna Chaudhary's mother Neelam has told that her daughter was married only in December 2019, that too in the presence of saintly Mahatmas and in a simple marriage ceremony. The ceremony was held on 15 December 2019 in Ballia, UP. Sapna Chaudhary along with Veer Sahu came here to attend a religious program. It was here that she got married to Veer in front of the saintly Mahatmas.

According to Badri Vishal, Sapna came not as a celebrity but as a common man. While here he expressed his desire for a marital relationship with Veer Sahu, a simple blessing ceremony was organized in the office of 'The Vedic Prabhat Foundation'. It is here that they vowed to live life together in a Vedic manner, wearing a bridesmaid.

Badri Vishal said that during this time only his manager and some close and some members of the Foundation were present in the office. After returning from here, both of them also held a court marriage in January 2020, but could not make it public, as it was during this time that Veer's uncle died. Now, there is no problem in saying that he got married in December.

Please tell that Sapna Chaudhary gave birth to a son on Sunday in a private hospital in her in-law's area. Her husband Veer Sahu, a resident of Hisar, gave this information herself via Facebook Live on Tuesday. His personal assistant Delhi senior TV reporter Charan Singh Sehrawat has also confirmed this. Mother-child Both are healthy and Veer Sahu is very happy to take care of his wife and son.