'Mother India' from Mahim Police Station, know the interesting story behind Rajkumar's entry in the film


A young police inspector was posted at Mahim police station. He was very fond of working in films. His day was spent in films more than a police job. He had many friends in the film world. While working as a police officer, he also did small Modi roles in several films, including 'Rangeli', 'Ghamand' and 'Lakhon Mein Ek like'. He may have worked in many films but he could not make a special mark in the film industry and he was doing a police job in Mahim police station but wanted to do a central role in a big film. Everybody has.

The Inspector of Police used to share his wish with his friends. Time was running out but Inspector Sahab was not getting good roles in films. One day he was sitting in Mahim police station, it was evening. Suddenly a friend of his reached Thana and asked him to meet Mehboob Khan yesterday morning and left. By that time Mehboob Khan had become known as a big director. The next day the Inspector Sahab reached Mehboob Khan at the time specified by his friend. There he also met his friend. He was Mehboob Khan's assistant. Inspector Sahib's friend reached Mehboob Khan and told him that 'He is a very good artist and looking for a good film. Give her a role in 'Mother India'.

At that time Mehboob Khan was casting his film 'Mother India'. Mehboob Khan looked at Inspector Sahab from top to bottom and took a deep breath and asked if you want to work in films as a hobby or do you want to make films your career seriously. Inspector sahib told Mehboob Khan that he wants to make acting in films his career, he is also ready to leave the job of inspector and become an actor. Inspector Sahab continued his talk in his style and pointing to his friend said that 'it told me that you are making a big film and advised me to talk to you.'

By this time Mehboob Khan had finalized Nargis, Sunil Dutt, and Rajendra Kumar for 'Mother India'. He was looking for an actor for the role of 'Shamu'. He immediately told his assistant to make up the Inspector Sahab according to the character of Shamu, we want to take his screen test. When Inspector Sahab went for make-up, another of his assistants told Mehboob Khan that this man would not be suitable for the role of Shamu as he has an aggressiveness on his face. Anit Pandhe has written this episode in detail in his book. After a while, the screen test of Inspector Sahib was done and he passed. This was Inspector Saheb Raj Kumar. The story after the release of 'Mother India' has become history. The recognition that Raj Kumar got from the role of Shamu got him a lot of work and he soon became one of the top actors. The film 'Waqt' made him very popular.

In the latter days, many types of stories about Raj Kumar became famous in the film world. From his dialogue delivery to his acting skills, he was unique. Saudagar used to drive a convoy of four vehicles with him when he used to come for shooting in the film. Raj Kumar used to sit in one, his assistants in the other, and his clothes, shoes, hats, etc. were kept in the other two vehicles. Dilip Kumar has written this episode in a very interesting way in his autobiography 'The Substance and the Shadow'. Twenty-five years ago today, on July 3, this wonderful and stylish actress said goodbye to this world.