Mahesh Manjrekar will make 'Antim' with Salman!


Bollywood's well-known filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar is going to make the film 'Antim ' with the domineering Salman Khan. Mahesh Manjrekar is going to make a Hindi remake of 'Marathi', a Marathi film. The film will feature Salman's brother-in-law Ayush Sharma. Salman is once again giving him an opportunity. In the final, Ayush plays a gangster who is a dark character. Through this film, Ayush wants to change his image too.

Salman Khan will appear in the film as a police officer. His role is not long but it is definitely strong. Mahesh Manjrekar has made necessary changes in the screenplay, which are in line with the likes of those who watch a Hindi film. Salman is very excited about this film.